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Smart Home Automation

Looking for solutions to your custom electronics needs? Elevated Integration can help you with any project and answer any questions you have. Keep reading to learn more about smart home automation.

Top 3 Automation Features for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)

Top 3 Automation Features For Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)
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Own a luxury apartment complex? Here are three features that will convince you to update it with home automation.

When you first hear about smart home automation, most people conjure up images of sprawling, suburban homes on a sizeable plot of land. In New York City, however, where the majority of our population lives in multi-dwelling units (MDUs), such as condos or apartments, home seekers are looking for luxury apartments fully loaded with integrated features.

Is your building smart enough to impress today’s urban customer? Elevated Integration designs and installs automation systems

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How Motorized Shades Add Elegance and Luxury to Your Hamptons Home

How Motorized Shades Add Elegance And Luxury To Your Hamptons Home
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Discover the Benefits of These Unique Window Treatments

If your goal is creating an elegant, luxurious home in the Hamptons, you probably already have some of the more obvious technologies, like indoor and outdoor automated lighting. But one of the most overlooked areas for improvement lies in motorized shades because they hold the secret to increased energy conservation, pleasant room temperatures, enhanced design, and so much more.

Where should you begin? Lutron and Savant offer customized drapery solutions that integrate with your other technology and can be controlled from …

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Want To Live in a Smart Penthouse? Here’s What You Should Know!

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Primary Considerations Before Converting Your NYC Loft to a Smart Penthouse

When we talk about installing smart home automation, we admit that sometimes smart homes — often sprawling, suburban houses — get most of the attention. However, about three-fourths of New York City, NY residents live in apartments, many of them residing in lofts. So, if you live in a high rise, can you still enjoy the benefits of a smart home? Absolutely!

At Elevated Integration, we admit that this kind of installation process presents more challenges. You will need an experienced, design-oriented

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2019 Trends That Harness the Magic of Your Smart Home Automation

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There’s Been Amazing Progress in Whole Home Automation, Lighting, and Voice Control

Have you found a home you love in the Greenwich, CT area? Maybe it’s the house of your dreams, but it’s not making your life easier … yet. Perhaps you implemented some simple, now outdated automation years ago, while today’s capabilities race far ahead of your home. Do you want to make a change before 2018 finalizes?

Toward the end of the year, the world wonders, “What’s next?” At Elevated Integration, we look forward to what’s on the horizon for 2019, especially …

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Home and Alexa

Voice Control - Home and Alexa
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Apple’s Home is a single interface from which you can control all of your smart home devices. Want to turn on the air conditioner and lower the shades? Home can do that in an instant. The idea is to create an intuitive smart home automation app that integrates your smart home devices and can be accesses with virtually all of your Apple devices.

The interface for the Home app is both inviting and simple to understand. The app is broken down into three sections: Home, Rooms and Automation. The Home screen allows you to …

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