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Racepoint Energy

Racepoint Energy, LLC is based in Osterville, Massachusetts and was founded by Cape Cod resident Robert Madonna. Robert founded several successful start-up companies including their sister company Savant, which specializes in Home Automation & Control. Robert has an extensive background in software and hardware engineering and is joined by a standout team of domain experts from across the United States.

When Robert was building his own home using Solar Panels, he started thinking how he can maximize the results of using alternative energy. Frustrated by the fact that his solar array stopped working when there was a power outage, Robert started thinking about all the ways that home generation is limited by today’s tools. This led him to three core questions:

Why continue to pay very high rates for running everyday essential appliances?
Why rely on Solar for it to only go down when the grid is down?
Why allow utility companies to raise prices when they see fit?

Instead of doing what was convenient for the utility companies, they started with what was convenient for them. Racepoint Energy was started by a home owner, for the home owner.

Along with their skilled sales and design team that offer in-home consultations, design and installations on Solar Panels for your home, business, carports, ect., Racepoint Energy has also developed an innovative solution that completely rethinks how home energy is measured and consumed, all while using the standard breaker box you already own. Their technology allows you to monitor the energy used by each circuit (by room, by appliance, etc.). They help you manage energy storage systems (such as the Tesla PowerWall) needed to keep your house “up and running“ even if the power companies go down, they can help you save money by regaining control of your smart, simple appliances by running them when energy is plentiful and cheap.