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Energy Management

Easily track, monitor and correct your energy usage.

We offer innovative and intelligent energy management system solutions that combine solar, generator, and battery power for both residential and commercial clients. Smart, renewable, clean energy, gathered and stored, without depending on the grid. Now you can eliminate concern over outages. Now you have the power in your hands to control your home environment.

With the growing complexity of today’s power grid, the need to monitor, control, and optimize energy generation, distribution, and consumption has never been greater. Now managing your energy has never been easier with Elevated Integration. Our solutions will help you track, monitor and correct your energy usage habits so that your home operates at its most efficient capacity. You can stay in total control by monitoring your energy management solutions on any smart phone or tablet – notifying you of any changes that happen throughout the day or night.

We offer easy to use interfaces that will provide the most advanced, yet most intuitive home energy management available so conserving energy and the environment could not be easier.

Are you ready to enhance your home and your lifestyle?
At Elevated Integration, we offer three tiers of energy management solutions to fit your needs.


The Perfect Combination of Comfort and Conservation.

Sonnen is a proven global leader in intelligent energy management solutions that provide greater energy control for residential customers – turning houses into smart energy homes. Their sleek, all-in-one, Sonnen Batterie system, is the key to enabling customers to increase solar self-consumption, reduce peak energy usage and backup household power during grid outages, and providing a dispatchable, distributed energy resource for grid operators – contributing to a cleaner and more reliable energy future. Sonnen designs and manufactures the fully integrated sonnen Batterie smart energy storage systems. For more details download the homeowners brochure.

Rosewater Energy

Reliable Power to Fuel Your Luxury Home.

The RoseWater Energy & Storage System is widely considered the most intelligent residential energy solution on the market today. It offers a seamless, cost-effective total system integration solution using a dual inverter system with solar input that blends power conditioning, backup, and renewable energy management into one pre-assembled, configured and integrated platform; in essence, transforming the electrical system in place into a self-sustaining microgrid.

The Rosewater Energy Hub eliminates the “what ifs” in your finely tuned home automation systems. The Hub neutralizes the instability of the power grid by conditioning and storing power. The system delivers reliable, constant, and clean electricity to your home. Rise above your power limitations with the Rosewater Energy Storage Hub. For more details, download the brochure.

Racepoint Energy

Rethink the grid.

Do you want reliable, affordable power all of the time without the threat of power outages, noisy generators, or a garage full of high-maintenance batteries? With Racepoint Energy, you can have it!

Racepoint Energy’s resilient in-home solution for energy management provides automated, optimal control of residential and commercial electrical usage. By controlling power consumption at the breaker box level, RPE’s smart system uses energy when available from renewable sources and reduces grid dependence when rates for energy are high. In the case of a power outage, the RPE system seamlessly manages power so that you can continue life as normal for days without having to curtail your energy usage habits.

Racepoint Energy has also developed an innovative solution that completely rethinks how home energy is measured and consumed, all while using the standard breaker box you already own. Their technology allows you to monitor the energy used by each circuit (by room, by appliance, etc.) We help you manage energy storage systems (such as the Tesla PowerWall) needed to keep your house “up and running“ even if the power companies go down, and we can help you save money by regaining control of your smart, simple appliances by running them when energy is plentiful and cheap.

If you’re looking to provide your smart home with security during grid failures, financial savings, or a more environmentally sustainable power source – or all three – the Racepoint Energy smart grids offer you flexibility and control of your home’s power.

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