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If there’s one place where we should be able to relax and take a deep breath, it’s home. But one of the world’s biggest health crises is finding its way indoors – none of our homes are exempt from rising levels of air and water pollution. At Pure Wellness, we have been combating this epidemic for decades, with the dedication and innovation it deserves. And now, with the fully integrated Pure365 system, homeowners like you have more power than ever to keep your indoor air pristine, and your tap water better than bottled. So you can get home at the end of a long day and take that deep breath, without thinking twice.

Pure365 Super V Air Cleaner


Certified Pure Wellness Homes are individually tested and certified to have air quality that’s twice as clean as Allergy and Asthma Foundation guidelines. The Super V air cleaner provides the most comprehensive protection from ultrafine particles known to reduce blood flow, cause cardiovascular disease, strokes and cancer. It keeps your air healthy by:
• Removing and eliminating mold, bacteria, virus and other fungi
• Removing dust, dander, pollen, and dust mite feces
• >95% removal of most tobacco smoke, carpet fibers, lead dust, droplet nuclei (sneeze and cough residue)
• Having an extra-long filter life and greater lifetime filter performance

Pure365 Water Purification System


The Certified Pure Wellness Program also includes a point-of-use or centralized water purification system which puts high quality drinking water at your fingertips. No need to buy bottled water ever again.

NSF Certified to remove: EPA Contaminates, Pharmaceuticals, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, Copper, Mercury, Sodium, Arsenic, Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts, Microbes


Take control of your home’s air and water quality, with the incredibly easy, smartphone-compatible, integrated technology of Pure365.

It’s never been easier to protect your home from harmful airborne particles and waterborne contaminants. Pure365 is a revolutionary, integrated system of hardware and software that both filters and tracks your indoor air and water. Our filters are the most powerful in the world, capturing over 99% of potentially harmful bacteria and volatile organic compounds.

And the 1% of the time when something slips through, Pure365 software leaps into action. You’ll get an alert on your phone from the PURE365 app, as well as directions on how to fix the problem.

Our app also:

  • Allows you to compare your indoor air quality to the air outside
  • Identify issues that are negatively impacting one’s health and need to be addressed
  • Tells you when outdoor air is safe, so you can open windows to ventilate
  • Tracks air quality levels around the world better plan for travel and outdoor activity
  • Educates you about pollutants and the harm they can cause to help you cultivate a healthy lifestyle
Pure365 App Monitor
Pure 365 App Alerts
Pure 365 App Control

Pure365 Monitor

Pure365 air quality monitors have advanced sensors to measure pollution levels in the air. It communicating with your smart thermostat to activate the HVAC system when pollution levels pass a certain threshold.

Pure365 Control Smart Thermostat

When the Pure365 Smart Thermostat receives a bad air quality signal from the
monitor, it activates your HVAC system to direct polluted air through your whole house filter system, sending clean, purified air out of the supply vents. This saves you energy, quickly paying for itself.

Purify with Pure365 Super V Air Purifier and Bluewater Filters

The Intellipure Super V whole-house air purifier delivers the cleanest air throughout your home, reducing the particulate level by over 90%. And state-of-the-art Bluewater filters ensure that the water coming out of your tap is as pure as possible – even better than bottled.

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Circadian Lighting


One of the hottest trends in smart lighting is circadian rhythm lighting, which helps regulate your body’s internal clock by replicating the qualities of natural light throughout the day. The cool light you get at the beginning of the day energizes you and makes you more focused while the warmer light you get at sunset helps calm you down. Thanks to the versatility of LED light fixtures, it’s now possible to replicate the transitions of natural light inside your home. The combination of Savant’s automation technology and USAI’s tunable LED light fixtures allows you to put your home in a circadian rhythm mode that makes adjustments throughout the day so you’re refreshed when you wake up and relaxed as you unwind with your family in the evening. Exclusive TrueImage technology delivers sophisticated lighting control with true-to-life images. With the SavantPro App, you can take photos of lighting in every room. Simply touch the image of the lights to adjust color and brightness in real time.


Use photos to control the lights throughout your home.

Photo Lighting Control


Designed to promote healthy living, your lights will seamlessly transition throughout the day to support your circadian rhythm. Lights will automatically adjust to warmer temperatures in the morning and evening and cooler in the middle of the day.

Circadian Rhythm Lighting
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USAI Lighting - Personalized Lighting

USAI Lighting’s mission is to bring the power of Personalized Lighting® to everyday life. They help stimulate the senses, promote well-being, reinforce health and nourish the imagination, to bring the best of intelligent LED lighting and engineering innovation to the lives of everyone they touch.

This partnership between Savant and USAI brings homeowners like you a wide selection of USAI Lighting fixtures from its various product families containing hundreds of different fixture options. Whether you’re looking for architectural lighting for exposed ceilings, shallowed recessed downlights, or small aperture LEDs, USAI Lighting has a solution that will be the ideal fit for your home.

Interested in learning more? Check out our lighting solutions here.

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