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Complete Home Theater Packages

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Affordable Complete Home Theater Systems

These Complete Home Theater Packages are more than a home theater, they are a space in your home you and your family go to escape. Rayva complete home theater packages include the latest 4k projectors, giant vibrant screens, immersive Dolby surround sound, plush reclining home theater seating, acoustic treatments, themed design panels and most importantly these isolated dedicated home theater rooms provide a distraction free environment to enjoy any experience your family chooses, year round. Whether you want to binge-watch, have a movie night, catch a championship sporting event, enjoy an incredible concert experience or get lost in video games, Rayva Home Theaters designed by the inventor of Home Theater, Theo Kalomirakis are the ultimate escape.

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We offer Rayva Complete Home Theaters by Theo Kalomirakis

Theo Kalomirakis is considered the world’s premiere designer of private theaters. His award-winning work reflects his thorough understanding of home theater design and the skillful incorporation of technology in it. Career highlights during the last 25 years include:

  • Over 600 private theaters designed for affluent and celebrity clients around the world.
  • Custom designs for IMAX Private Theaters in China, India, the UAE and the US
  • The first ever home theater for public viewing designed for Disney’s Epcot Innovations Pavilion
  • The Theo Kalomirakis for Walt Disney Signature furniture collection
  • Featured articles showcasing his work in international publications including Architectural Digest, Robb Report, House and Garden, etc.
  • TV appearances: HGTV’s Multi-Million Dollar Homes, Discovery Channel’s Home Theater Revolution, Entertainment Tonight, etc.
  • Ten CEDIA awards for Best Home Theater Design
  • CEDIA’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Two best-selling coffee table books published by Harry Abrams, “Theo Kalomirakis’ Private Theaters,” and “Great Escapes”