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Distributed Video

High-Performance Entertainment Anywhere In Your Home.

Distributing video in your home enables a single video source, such as a satellite receiver, game console, or Blu-ray player, to be shared across multiple TVs via a video switcher. This device reduces the number of sources needed for every TV in your home and hides all the equipment in a storage closet or basement where it can easily be accessed. Instead of watching your Apple TV only in your family room, you can easily view it on any TV in your home. By integrating the video distribution with a smart home automation system, you can further simplify your control experience.

Are you looking to have a unified entertainment system that consolidates all your video sources, makes it easy to access in any room, and doesn’t require A/V equipment scattered all over your house? Elevated Integration has the perfect solution for you – a whole-home audio/video Savant system with video over IP.

Video Over IP


Savant‘s network IP Video makes it easy to deliver exceptionally high-resolution video from any source to any display. Savant is a powerful automation platform, and it includes advanced home infrastructure technology that can distribute video and audio signals anywhere in your house, allowing you the freedom to choose whatever content you want and play it in any location you wish. No longer do you need to get a cable box, Blu-Ray player, and Apple TV for each of your different rooms or struggle with finding a place to store all that additional equipment.



With Savant Video Tiling, you can watch multiple sources on a single screen. Available in 4, 6, and 9 source inputs, you decide what you want to watch and how you’d like to view it. Get news from multiple sources, follow simultaneous sporting events, or monitor your home via multiple video signals.

Concealment Solutions

Designed to blend Effortlessly into any room.

Home audio video technology is getting smaller and sleeker, and you no longer have to worry about bulky TVs and sound systems that create a mess of wires and stick out from the rest of your room’s design. Flat-screen TVs are light and thin enough that they can be concealed within a ceiling, wall, or cabinet and rise or drop with the push of a button. Speakers and amplifiers can similarly be installed inside the structure of your home, delivering high-performance multi-room audio with equipment that is entirely out of sight.

We partner with Future Automation, who offers bespoke solutions to conceal equipment of all types and sizes, maximizing space while preserving the safety and security of the equipment. Whether hiding devices in the floor, ceiling, walls or even within furniture, Future Automation has a concealment solution that can be designed to blend effortlessly with any room.


Moving Panels

wall Mounts

moving art screens

We are a proud partner of Media Décor by Leon. They produce stunning moving art screens that will bring you room decor and entertainment to the next level. Their displays behind beautifully printed artwork bring a designers touch to today’s technologies.

At the touch of a button, moving art screens elegantly conceal any TV behind artwork that can be hand-selected to suit your space, creating a wholly customized entertainment environment. You can choose from extensive art galleries and a beautiful selection of designer frames to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces that perfectly complement your décor.

Not only does Media Décor offer thousands of artwork options, but all of their frames are handcrafted to order. Media Décor can build their frames to meet any design specification using anything from traditional gilded frames to more rustic or contemporary designs.

Check it out!

Flatscreen Technology

Cutting-edge video displays.

Speciality Displays

Enjoy Entertainment Without Compromising On Design.

Elevated Integration proudly partners with Séura, a designer technology company that designs and builds SMART Mirrors, TV Mirrors, Outdoor TVs, and Lighted Mirrors for modern homes.

Séura TVs can be incorporated behind walls, mirror and in showers. They also make several models of LCDs, including vanishing TV mirrors, non-vanishing TV mirrors, lighted mirrors, and even waterproof TVs. Seura has original solutions for bathrooms, bedrooms, great rooms, and kitchens.

Together with Séura products, Elevated Integration will create a custom TV/ mirror combination for your home. Séura lets you choose the size, shape, bevel option, LCD size, and frame. Absolutely every aspect of your new Séura TV and mirror will be tailored to meet your needs and design preference.

Want to learn how Elevated Integration and Séura can bring your home to life? Contact us today to review all the options available!


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