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Cineak luxury home theater seating

CINEAK specializes in custom-made luxury entertainment seating products for private cinemas, media & living rooms, screening rooms and other entertainment environments. All products are hand-built in Belgium and include the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. CINEAK’s specialty lies in integrating motorized mechanisms and technology features into seating products. CINEAK’s product portfolio includes many different designs and styles, all customizable to fit anyone’s needs, and includes a selection of acoustically transparent designer fabrics.

Get creative with your seating arrangements, from an intimate setting of two chairs to a wide L-shaped or U-shaped sofa that perfectly lines the wall of your home theater or media room. The options are limitless and always offer top comfort, support, versatility, and style.

Transform your home theater spaces with luxury low-back seating from CINEAK. As a trusted partner, our team is ready to guide you through the design and installation process from beginning to end. Contact us get started.