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Home Theaters

The finest cinematic experience at the world’s best venue – your home.

Ready to bring the full cinematic experience into the comfort of your own home? Embark on a journey with us as we transform your space into the ultimate entertainment hub. Whether you’re building a new home or revitalizing an existing room, our team is equipped with the expertise and experience to make your dreams a reality.

Elevated Integration specializes in designing home theater systems with immersive surround sound, 4K Ultra HD displays, and professional acoustic treatments. From the moment you envision your dream theater, we’re here to guide you through every stage of the process, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

Our custom home theaters seamlessly integrate several key components including lighting, seating, control systems, aesthetics, projectors, movie screens, and speakers. With meticulous attention to detail, we craft a system that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, blending seamlessly into the fabric of your home.

Let us redefine your entertainment experience and immerse yourself in the world of cinematic brilliance. Discover the magic of personalized home theater design with Elevated Integration.

Dedicated Home Theater


Enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and sports like never before with a private home theater in your Greenwich home. Our expert technicians know the ideal placement for your speakers, seating, and screen to create a comfortable and unforgettable viewing environment. Elevated Integration is now partnering with RAYVA. The Rayva Turnkey Theater offers our client’s located in the New York and Connecticut areas the chance to experience the world’s first turnkey, premium home theaters.


Although we recommend going with a dedicated theater, almost any room in your home can be transformed into a multi-purpose media room. We offer hidden in-ceiling and in-wall speakers for your surround sound needs. We provide discreet TV mounting solutions and drop down screens that camouflage perfectly with the rest of your décor — all of this without sacrificing the quality of your audio and video. From a touch-pad or remote, you can pull up a variety of video sources including streaming services, cable, or media servers.

Home Theater Solutions_media room

Home Theater Seating

Customize Your Space.

One of the essential parts of any home theater layout is seating. Not only should technology be top-notch, but the room should also be comfortable, suit the way you live, and reflect your style.

Elevated Integration proudly partners with Cineak for our high-end seating options for home theaters. With hundreds of woods, fabrics, and leathers you can easily design quality seating that perfectly compliments your decor. Cineak offers various designs of incliners, recliners, sofas, lounges, armchairs and more.

Ready to Elevate your entertainment experience in your Westchester dedicated home theater? Contact us today to to choose the right seat for your private cinema!


Take your movie experience to the next level.

With Kaleidescape You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Films in High-Fidelity.

While streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are terrific content sources, they’re not a complete media solution for a luxury home theater. Kaleidescape is a movie server, online movie store, and DVD/Blu-ray player all in one. Kaleidescape’s home theater systems offer unmatched picture quality & the most dynamic sound found in a movie player. Kaleidescape brings convenience and performance to your home movie nights. The system corals all of your movies into one visually engaging library while the store allows you to watch movies weeks before they’re available on disc. End the “what are we watching tonight” struggle for once and all.


  • Organize, search, and enjoy all of your movies in one place
  • Access new releases weeks before they are available on disc
  • Streamline your movie watching experience
  • Incredible audio and visual quality including 4K Ultra-HD viewing
Kaleidescape -Strato Player

Whether you’re building a new dedicated home theater in your Greenwich home or seeking an upgrade to your existing system in New York City, we highly recommend adding Kaleidescape to your setup.

Film Screens

Enjoying the Big Picture.

For home theaters equipped with video projectors, there are a wide array of film screen options available. We work with two world-class screen manufactures, Screen Innovations and Display Technologies that both offer unique solutions for all your projection needs. From fixed screens, retractable screens, masking, zero gravity to supersize TV’s, there are a ton of options to choose from.

Don’t make a wrong choice, let the professionals at Elevated Integration help you decide which screen is the best fit for your space.

Video Projectors

The focal point of your home theater.

Do you want to experience movie theater-like quality in your living room or your home theater? Video projectors are the foundation upon which you’ll build the home theater of your dreams. From standard HD projectors to the newest 4K projectors packed with the latest image reproduction technology, the choices are limitless. There are many things to consider when selecting the right projector for your Westchester dedicated home theater, at Elevated Integration, our team can help you choose the perfect projector for your environment.

The Bragi Cinemascope Projector FL40FS40

BARCO Bragi Cinemascope

The Bragi Cinemascope is a true solid-state projector, using the latest in HLD and LED illumination technology it combines bothperformance and extreme reliability. Providing the ultimate in image clarity with exceptional color fidelity and razor-sharp imagery, the result is pure performance and fun. The viewer will be totally immersed into the perfect movie experience. Bragi Cinemascope has a motorized DCI/P3 filter for HDR performance, meaning that the projector will support both SDR and HDR viewing.

Sony Video Projector 385

SONY VPL VW385ES – 3D 4K SXRD Projector

With more than four times the resolution of Full HD, native 4K offers 8.8 million pixels (4096 x 2160) for a picture that is incredibly lifelike, which is why it is the resolution defined by the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) for theater distribution. See corner-to-corner clarity and watch movies from much closer than you would in Full HD.

Wolf Cinema Projector TXF

WOLF Cinema’s TXF-2500 Cinema Projector

5,000 ANSI DLP® home theater projector. Enjoy ultra-bright, bold and colorful imagery from today’s latest SD, HD and UH-D/4K sources with Wolf Cinema’s latest high-performance projection system. Boasting 5,000 ANSI of peak white performance and deep contrast levels, this system can cast razor-sharp images on screens as large as 16-ft [4.9 meters] in width!


Smart audio, video, lighting and motorized shading solutions start with expert advice. 
If you’re located in the Metro NY, Westchester, Fairfield, Nassau, Suffolk, Hamptons or the surrounding area, give us a call.