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Lighting Control

See your home in a whole new light with Smart lighting Control systems.

Smart lighting control creates ambiance, provides security, and is convenient and efficient. Elevated’s expertly trained installers and certified programmers use only the highest quality lighting control technology from industry-leading brands like Savant, Lutron, USAI and Vantage. Our lighting control systems provide homeowners increased levels of comfort while affording them a wide variety of elegant control options.

At Elevated Integration, we design, and install lighting plans, fixtures, and lighting control systems for new construction and retrofit projects. Our automated lighting systems give you the power to remotely control all of your lighting from a single touch screen, wherever you are. Gone are the days of multiple switches to control all your lights. Our intelligent lighting control systems allow you to manage all of the lights in your home or business, matching your exact requirements. From turning all the lights off at once to creating atmospheric lighting, we can create exactly the right ambiance to suit your mood.

Not only do our lighting control systems allow you to program different moods for specific rooms in your home, but can also provide extremely precise levels of control that can result in significantly lower energy usage. This ability to control lighting levels brings with it not only a positive environmental impact but also significant overall energy savings.

Savant Pro Lighting

Luxury Home Automation, Now In every Shade of Brillant.


Savant’s sophisticated lighting control has evolved again with the contemporary reimagining of TrueImage. Their new line of lighting products provides you with the most flexible and advanced lighting system ever. With control by Savant and Lighting by USAI, we now offer luxury lighting fixtures paired with advanced, intuitive control to transform the way you live. Effortlessly. Beautifully.

Exclusive TrueImage technology delivers sophisticated lighting control with true-to-life images. Use the Savant Pro App to take photos of lighting in every room.

Simply touch the image of the lights to adjust color and brightness in real-time.


Color on Demand.


Savant TrueImage™ pushes the limits of the user-experience. Unlike any other control system on the market, this exciting product allows you to touch actual images of your room to initiate commands. Navigation is instant and intuitive.

To get started, a TrueImage user takes a photo of the light they wish to control with their mobile device. They can then control the brightness and color of that light from anywhere within 30 feet of the light using the TrueImage app on their iOS device and their home’s Bluetooth Mesh network. Users can control each light separately, or group them in order to change an entire room full of lights at the same time. The app currently supports the control of up to 150 Smart Lights on a single Bluetooth Mesh network.

When paired with Savant’s colored Smart Lighting bulbs and LED light strips, the TrueImage lighting software gives homeowners one of the best smart home experiences available. The lighting options are almost unlimited. You can watch this short video produced by Savant to see some of what’s possible with the TrueImage software and Savant Smart Lighting.

Scenes for Every Moment

Set a range of Hues & Brightness.


Too much light can ruin a party, but just enough can make it magical. Set your walkway lights to turn on automatically and illuminate a path without altering the ambiance. Create a lighting scene that sets the mood, saves energy, and suits the way you live your life, indoors and out.

Adding a lighting scene to your home is easy, you can create your own on-the-fly, or we can create them for you. Click here to download Savant’s Lighting Guide to learn how it’s done.

Savant & USAI Lighting

Color by Savant. Light by USAI.


Savant and USAI bring you luxury lighting fixtures paired with advanced, intuitive control to transform the way you live. Effortlessly. Beautifully.

classic white

USAI’s proprietary Classic White LED light engines provide clean, uniform white light with perfect color consistency from fixture to fixture. You’ll see the results in balanced, beautiful white light throughout your space.

Warm Glow Dimming

USAI’s Warm Glow Dimming provides warmth and glow once possible only in incandescent light sources. Utilizing proprietary technology, Warm Glow Dimming precisely mimics the black body curve of an incandescent lamp by gradually shifting warmer as you dim.

The result is virtually indistinguishable from an incandescent light source.

USAI Tunable White

USAI’s Tunable White replaces a variety of sources from daylight to candlelight with one fixture type, allowing personalized lighting controls from warm to cool and everything in between, all while maintaining beautiful classic white color consistency and independent control of light level.


USAI’s Infinite Color+ gives you complete freedom to define your own perfect light, from architectural whites to accents and saturated colors – all with one light fixture. Instead of painting the walls one color, transform your space with light whenever the mood strikes you.


Download the Savant Lighting product guide to explore the entire line up of USAI Lighting fixtures now available through Savant.


The Savant Metro keypad is available in a variety of button arrangements and can be placed anywhere you want quick access to lights or music (or anything at all) within your smart home. You may even customize buttons yourself through the Pro App.


The problem-solving light solution,
perfect for tucking under cabinets,
on stairs or inside bookcases.


Energy efficient and perfect for your
retrofit, enabling flexible installation.
Available in millions of colors.

Lutron Lighting

Smart Solutions for Every Home.


As a leader in the fast-growing smart home market, Lutron provides the perfect solution for any size home, and any budget, whether you’re building a new home or want to upgrade your existing one. Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs, increase comfort, or manage light control solutions, Lutron products offer the flexibility you need with the energy savings you want.

At Elevated Integration we design and install Lutron RADIORA 2 and Homeworks QS lighting control systems. If you are an existing homeowner, our team of installation experts can add a Lutron lighting control system to your space in a multitude of non-intrusive ways.

RADIORA 2 – Download the Lutron RadioRA 2 product guide

Lutron RadioRA 2

RadioRA 2 is a wireless total home control system. This energy-saving system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light (using light controls and automated shades) as well as temperature in a single room or throughout your whole home. The system also turns off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use.
• Expanded wireless whole home lighting control
• Supports up to 200 devices; start in one room and easily expand into others
• Utilizes backlit, custom engraved keypads, customized scene control, and the full line of Lutron wireless shades
• Works with Lutron wired and wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors

HOMEWORKS QS – Download the Lutron Homeworks QS product guide

Lutron HomeWorks QS

HomeWorks has been the leader in light control for luxury homeowners for over a decade. A HomeWorks system provides convenient, intelligent and sophisticated control of your home’s lighting and shades, and can be integrated with security and audiovisual systems. In addition to enhancing your lifestyle, HomeWorks’ Architectural and Designer style controls can also enhance your décor and complement your home. Centralized dimming panels can be used to provide control of multiple zones of light in a room or throughout your home from a single keypad.
• Most advanced, luxury whole home system
• Supports up to 10,000 devices
• Offers the most keypad style and color options, as well as customized keypads
• Hidden panels eliminate dimmers and switches on the wall
• Works with Lutron thermostats for HVAC control

Vantage Lighting

Intelligent Lighting Control.

Vantage offers one of the industry’s broadest arrays of products and solutions for automated lighting control. Seamlessly blending aesthetics and technology, Vantage provides the end user with ultimate control over every facet of living in luxury homes and office spaces.

Their cutting edge products provide precise automated lighting control with intuitive and sophisticated interfaces, and their total systems are smart, reliable, and simple to install. From homes to hotels, boardrooms to boutiques, the Vantage solution delivers a simple, streamlined approach to controlling complex, modern spaces. Wireless technology allows for seamless scalability without additional wires, all designed to meet the ever-evolving requirements of luxury spaces.

Lighting control is often the most demanded element of an automation experience. The selection of the system is as critical as the lighting design itself, and Vantage offers a full range of high-end solutions to meet the needs of any lighting project.

Download the Vantage Brochure

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