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Connected Design Feature Spotlight: Elevated Integration

Hamptons Home Is Circadian Rhythm-Capable Courtesy Of Almost 200 Savant DMX Light Fixtures.

Photography by Greg Barrett, USAI Lighting

Armonk, N.Y.-based Elevated Integration was commissioned by homeowners who were knowledgeable about technology integration, having enjoyed all its delights and conveniences in other residences. “They were keyed in on super-advanced lighting control,” explained Nick DeClemente, Elevated Integration’s founder and CEO, and also had experience with Savant systems, which made for an excellent basis for expansion, when planning out the Hamptons renovation project he and his team were engaged by these clients to execute. What is more, he added, “they were definitely interested in the wellness component of lighting – its Circadian rhythm functionality. They had not seen it fully deployed in a home, but they were aware of it. Being able to maximize and tune the lighting to the finishes appealed to them – and because of that, it was easy to build a full-bore ecosystem to tell the story of the wellness aspects of lighting.”


Prior to COVID, DeClemente said he had used both Savant’s and USAI’s New York City showrooms to demo lighting options, as well as using his own home. “We also have the relationships in place where we can bring prospective clients into other clients’ homes to demo. I think there’s nothing more compelling than seeing these things in action in the real world in a deployed project versus in a beautiful demo space. When you bring people into other people’s homes, it not only shows the technology; it also lends credibility to you as the integrator as being able to deploy the technology in the real world. There’s an authenticity there. And having a homeowner that’s happy with it letting you bring another person into their home to look at it – that’s a powerful message.” This Hamptons home is the beneficiary of almost 200 Savant USAI infinite color DMX light fixtures; the entire home, he said, is Savant Circadian rhythm-capable and is capable of color temperature adjustment. Besides having the advanced functionality that allows seamless integration of interior and exterior lighting with control systems for Circadian rhythm, tunable white and full color lighting, the home is fully endowed with all aspects of connected-home entertainment, including multiple surround sound systems, a dedicated home theater, security, outdoor entertaining spaces, video tiling, a robust network infrastructure, and motorized shades. For outdoor, said DeClemente, “we introduced them to Coastal Source and to Samsung’s Terrace, integrating it all as part of the larger system. The deployment was exceedingly easy, because it was all designed to work together.” And that made it easier, as well, to get everything eventually set in place and working – even on a short timeline, even despite not being able to work onsite with other trades at the same time, and even with the impediment of a COVID-19-mandated pause in the project’s progression after the first week of pre-wiring was completed.


The project was readied “within hours of the homeowner walking in. Pretty unbelievable,” DeClemente added. “They were very appreciative.” He continued, “The deployment of the whole Savant ecosystem of video over IP, audio over IP, the whole smorgasbord of products, from digital speakers to small-aperture speakers, to high-performance immersive Dolby Atmos audio in the media room… It’s a very complete picture of how it all interacts and works together, and enhances the homeowners’ experience of the home.” The success of this project, DeClemente said, has led to “a number of Zoom meetings with other prospective clients where we demonstrate what advanced lighting does. You can show what Circadian lighting does during the day, and it piques people’s interest. Then you start talking about the wellness aspect of it and the science behind it, and it paints a big and interesting picture of how technology is working FOR us. It’s necessity-driven, rather than entertainment-driven.”



Savant/USAI Infinite Recessed Lights:
191 DMX light fixtures; 60 warm-glow dimming architectural light fixtures
Savant Shades (all rooms)
Savant IP Video and Tiling (all rooms)
Artison Speakers – All levels and types.
Small-aperture speakers used in formal entertaining spaces
Artison Line Array Speakers (home theater)
Artison Architectural Subwoofers (all rooms)
Artison Smart Audio Soundbars (bedrooms)
Audio Control Immersive Audio Home Theater Processor
Coastal Source Outdoor Audio & Landscape Lighting
Samsung Frame TV (interior rooms)
Samsung Terrace TV (outdoors)
SurgeX Power (used in equipment racks)
AudioQuest Cabling
Kaleidescape Media Players


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