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2019 Trends That Harness the Magic of Your Smart Home Automation

There’s Been Amazing Progress in Whole Home Automation, Lighting, and Voice Control

Have you found a home you love in the Greenwich, CT area? Maybe it’s the house of your dreams, but it’s not making your life easier … yet. Perhaps you implemented some simple, now outdated automation years ago, while today’s capabilities race far ahead of your home. Do you want to make a change before 2018 finalizes?

Toward the end of the year, the world wonders, “What’s next?” At Elevated Integration, we look forward to what’s on the horizon for 2019, especially in smart home automation, lighting, and voice control. We can’t wait to share these trends with you, and we hope you’ll call us to speed up your home to keep up with the dynamic year ahead.

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Whole-Home Automation

When your whole home automation runs as scheduled, it feels as though your entire house falls at your feet and facilitates your most carefree lifestyle. If that didn’t feel seamless enough, we have heard that even accessing the technology will get progressively easier.

More Scheduling: How? All signs point to further automation via programming on devices — no touch necessary. A Power Inception article puts it this way: “You can automate smart IoT on a time-event basis or a non-scheduled event basis. If you want your lights to turn on and off at a set time each day, that is a time-event. A non-scheduled event would be lights that come on when the door to the room is opened and go off when it closes, for example.” We see another prime example in tunable, automated lighting, which we’ll discuss later in the blog.

5G Creeping In: 2019 might not unveil a fully capable 5G, which will nearly eliminate our reliance on Wi-Fi. But 5G, projected to emerge in the next couple years, will usher in robust, high-speed connectivity, which will enhance every area of home automation.

Demand for Design: We’ve also found that new tech shifts toward a more diligent focus on design, adding more hidden speakers, architectural details, smaller (or hidden) devices and fewer cords. The smart home integrators at Elevated Integration care about how design and tech integrate, an area in which we’re proud to be ahead of the curve.

Voice Control

In 2019, we expect to see more Alexa, Google, and Apple home devices used, all powered by voice control.

We’ve also seen voice-activated speakers and hope that 2019 will let us talk to our streaming devices through our speakers to play music and movies. We even heard an exciting rumor that Sonos will partner with Roku’s streaming service, but we won’t believe it quite yet.

Lighting and Mirrors

With health and wellness gaining ground, smart lighting has capitalized on this trend.

Tunable lighting adapts to human patterns by following our natural circadian rhythms and creating indoor illumination that imitates the natural light our bodies crave. Paired with home automation, tunable lighting changes throughout the day to counteract the negative effects of artificial light.

If you want to know how healthy you are, next year’s innovations might prompt you to look in the mirror. These smart mirrors in development will assess general health aspects such as weight, BMI, vitamin and cholesterol levels. They even look for early signs of disease.

We hope that these developments motivate you to live a more comfortable life in 2019. To learn more about our services and how can we create your futuristic dream home, call us at 212-634-9091 or visit us online.


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