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How Motorized Shades Add Elegance And Luxury To Your Hamptons Home

How Motorized Shades Add Elegance and Luxury to Your Hamptons Home

Discover the Benefits of These Unique Window Treatments

If your goal is creating an elegant, luxurious home in the Hamptons, you probably already have some of the more obvious technologies, like indoor and outdoor automated lighting. But one of the most overlooked areas for improvement lies in motorized shades because they hold the secret to increased energy conservation, pleasant room temperatures, enhanced design, and so much more.

Where should you begin? Lutron and Savant offer customized drapery solutions that integrate with your other technology and can be controlled from your smartphone. Elevated Integration can walk you through some choices, help you pick the best design, and then install them to custom-fit as many windows as you prefer. Ready to explore some options from both manufacturers?

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Lutron Window Treatments

Touted as Lutron’s “next-generation solution” to automated window treatments, Sivoia QS can manage the whole suite of Lutron shades, including a wide variety of styles — like roller shades, traditional drapery tracks, the Kirbé vertical drapery system, tensioned shades, Roman shades, horizontal sheer blinds, pleated shades, and stylish honeycomb models. You can control Sivoia from your central lighting control station.

Perhaps you’re not completely ready to commit to a full-home motorized shade solution. Consider starting with Lutron’s Serena shades! For an affordable price, you can enjoy these sophisticated shades, available in honeycomb and roller styles. With a Lutron Smart Bridge, you’re always just one click away from controlling your shades at home — all possible because of a Lutron’s smartphone application. Even better? Serena shades now work with Google Assistant.

Savant Shades

Savant introduced their shading solutions less than two years ago, and they’ve already proven to be some of the best in the business. The Savant Shade Designer helps integrators like us look at drapery options, plan out the project scope, visualize it, and even provide pricing for our customers.

Customers enjoy Savant’s meticulous attention to detail and complete customization with fabric shading options, opacity, and much more. However, their distinguishing feature is their complete lack of installation mechanisms like wiring, screws, and fasteners, which are hidden within Savant’s window boxes so that clients just see beautiful shading that blends into the home design.

Just by downloading and using the Savant Pro application, you can control any of your custom-designed Savant shades from anywhere. Prefer a remote? Savant’s features voice-control, a touch screen, and a sleek interface to please even the most discerning design customers.

Want to hear more personalized motorized shading recommendations for your home? We’ll walk through your home and guide you — without pressure — during our free consultation. To learn more, call us at (212) 634-9091 or fill out our contact form.

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