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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Lighting Projects?

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Outdoor Lighting Projects?

Why builders and architects need to work with a quality integrator.

As professionals with a mutual respect for technology and design, we all agree that high-end outdoor lighting systems make a client’s Greenwich, CT, backyard come to life. However, builders and architects shouldn’t have to shoulder every burden. If you feel too distracted by complex outdoor lighting projects, that work might take place over your priority tasks.

That’s where Elevated Integration can help. We not only design lighting but also and install wiring track, networks, and central controls that support all your clients’ lighting, even outside, based on their vision. Here’s why this matters for outdoor lighting and how we can successfully work together.

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Coastal Source Outdoor Lighting

We’ve already done the research into which outdoor lighting brand works best for our clients. We use Coastal Source for our outdoor installations, whether for lighting or audio, to give clients a consistent, user-friendly experience. Further, their products boast an unprecedented ability to defy environmental elements — water, sand, heat, cold, etc. — with their durable, corrosion-proof designs.

We also have years of experience installing Coastal Source products and know how to talk about the unique challenges of lighting with our clients. As professionals that want to provide turnkey solutions post-construction, we’ve also mastered design. Just take a look at our past work.

Leave the Planning to Us!

So, how do we get started? First, we provide an in-depth consultation to determine the client’s needs, the favorite home features they wish to highlight and where we suggest adding those lights. Even the most discriminating design clients will enjoy the many metal and glass finishes available from Coastal Source.

The way we see it, architects and construction professionals can build beautiful features, and we know how to light them to accentuate what you’ve done. We think it’s a perfect partnership!

We Can Wire the Client’s Home, Too

Since we know our product, we also know best practices for performing the low-voltage installation. Based on our consultation, we figure out which fixtures we need and how we should wire them for best results.

Here’s the more involved part: We also need to know how the client prefers to control the products and integrate those controls to their specifications. That might involve synching their lighting to other automation products, setting up a lighting schedule, offering remote access and more. We love getting our hands dirty with these installation details, so let Elevated Integration perform these tasks, so you can work on projects you enjoy more.

Have a client that needs outdoor lighting? Don’t try to handle this project alone! Elevated Integration can do all the heavy lifting for your client’s outdoor lighting design, from conception to installation. Just give us a call at (212) 634-9091 or fill out our online contact form.

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