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Networks and Wifi

Is Your Home Network Underperforming?

It may be time for a Home Network Upgrade.

Are you experiencing glitches when you use your laptop or buffering in the middle of watching a movie on Netflix? If so, it sounds like your home network could be in trouble. With low bandwidth and weak WIFI connections throughout your property, your network may not be able to handle the amount of bandwidth your smart systems and technologies need. Sometimes it’s not difficult to fix a problem. Restarting an app, reloading a web page, or the occasional rebooting of your router and modem can fix the random network glitch. But sometimes these problems are less random and happen more consistently. When they do, it may be a sign that your home network is the problem.

Today there’s a greater demand on the home network than ever before. As new devices – such as smart TVs, phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and thermostats – are introduced to the home, a heavier burden is placed on your home network. What happens when you can’t access the internet? Everyone gets quickly frustrated. 

Networks and Wifi


Experiencing weak wireless signals?
Are there dead spots in your home? Your device might connect, but as you move around, does the signal drop or disappear altogether? Often the problem is that the router is located in a suboptimal location for wireless performance. If you don’t want to rewire the network and change the router location, you may need strategically located wireless access points to expand the wireless signal range, or a mesh network system that daisy-chains wireless access across your property.

Tired of random, slow & painful connections?
Slow internet connections tend to manifest themselves in ways that make it difficult to know what’s going on. Maybe it’s a video that is buffering slowly, yet your phone is working normally. Perhaps it’s the photos that refuse to download completely. Is it the application, the device, or the network? Does the tried-and-true method of powering down the problematic device and restarting it solves the slow connection? It might, but that may mask a problem with the network itself related to its capacity or performance when it’s heavily taxed.  

Unable to view 4k Ultra HD Streaming on Netflix?
You’ve just come home from work and ready to relax for an hour and fire up your new 4K TV and start playing an episode of your favorite show. Netflix clearly states it’s in 4K Ultra HD, yet what you’re looking at looks like it’s straight out of the dial-up ages. So, what gives? More often than not, it’s the internet connection that’s standing between you and 4K Ultra HD bliss, and not Netflix itself.

4K video streaming can strain your network more than ever before. The solution for keeping your family happy? Higher performance routers, wired connections, the right wireless access points, and more can all play a role.

Whether you want to go with a hardwired home network system or stick to a wireless setup, our team of experts ensures that your solution reaches every last corner of your space.

Easily monitor your children’s internet usage with Parental Controls:
If you have children, parental controls are essential to protect our kids from visiting inappropriate and unsafe websites. With our software, you can easily monitor mobile devices, internet searches, web history, filter YouTube content and more. Plus, you can limit the amount of time they spend on it, keeping their imaginations, attention spans, and mental health in check. You can establish specific times when particular sites are allowed, but others are not. Now you can put a stop to YouTube after bedtime!

As smart home systems have grown in popularity, the network has become a critical link in the system, right up there with water and power. To ensure all your systems work right – and continue working in the future – you’ll want to hire an experienced technology designer to specify the best network and install the best equipment for your space.

Ready to install a strong, robust, hi-performing network system in your home? Call Elevated Integration today at (212) 634-9091 or contact us online here. We look forward to speaking with you!

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