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What are the hottest trends in Home Technology?

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Builders, remodelers, designers and technology integrators all gathered at the CEDIA Expo last month to scout out the latest trends in home technology. During our travels, we discovered a huge emphasis on Human Centric Lighting, Wellness, Automation and Voice Control.

Now that smart home technology is finding its way into more and more living spaces, everyone involved in the home design process is finding it necessary to gain a better understanding of today’s technology and the benefits it brings to their client’s homes.

Designers are seeing the value of partnering with a knowledgeable technology integrator as smart home features command increasingly larger portions of project budgets, and mistakes become more damaging and expensive!

Human Centric Lighting

Tunable lighting is transforming the industry. It’s built to make the end-users feel better throughout the day. The system mimics natural sunlight the way it changes over the course of the day to promote wellness. For this to happen, the system automatically and gradually adjusts the color temperature of the light to match natural circadian rhythms. In addition to creating more naturalistic lighting to interiors, Human Centric Lighting reduces artificial blue light in the evening when it can negatively impact sleep. That’s why it is also referred to as Circadian Lighting.

So you may be asking: How does this apply to the design community?

This is a powerful tool for designers. Designers can utilize the technology in the room to influence feelings of comfort and wellness. Color-tuning can not only manipulate the space but it is also capable of manipulating finishes and artwork and can change how we perceive the designer’s work.

A new lighting and education space is now open at the Savant NYC Experience Center. If you would like to learn more about the importance of color technology and temperature with various finishes and fabrics, we would be happy to schedule a tour with you to demonstrate the power of lighting. Email us at to set up an appointment.

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Wellness Benefits of a Smart Home

Wellness is taking on a whole new meaning today, with new technologies making homes smarter with a huge emphasis on comfort. A study conducted by the Design Journal reveals that a smart home’s overall design has everything to do with health. That’s because effective smart home solutions take into consideration the homeowner’s everyday emotional needs, desires, and routines.

Health and wellness was behind many innovations at CEDIA this year. With today’s technology advances, it is now easier for the elderly and individuals with disabilities to function and control aspects of their home like lighting and heating through voice control commands, making it easier for them to live independently for longer periods of time. For instance, voice assistants and can now effectively respond to calls for help.

We can work with designers and architects to help find the best solutions for any home. At Elevated Integration, we have over 15 years of experience designing and installing home technology systems that accommodate every user’s need.

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