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Want To Live in a Smart Penthouse? Here’s What You Should Know!

Primary Considerations Before Converting Your NYC Loft to a Smart Penthouse

When we talk about installing smart home automation, we admit that sometimes smart homes — often sprawling, suburban houses — get most of the attention. However, about three-fourths of New York City, NY residents live in apartments, many of them residing in lofts. So, if you live in a high rise, can you still enjoy the benefits of a smart home? Absolutely!

At Elevated Integration, we admit that this kind of installation process presents more challenges. You will need an experienced, design-oriented tech integrator at your helm. We know NYC, its people, their housing needs, and how to rise to the occasion and make a smart penthouse come to life. If you’re thinking of automating your urban oasis, keep reading!

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Varying Security Levels

Apartments often have common areas and individual rooms, and the security requirements for each of these vary. For example, you might need a keypad to enter the pool or entertainment center and smart locks to control the door to your unit. Elevated Integration can look at your apartment and identify risk areas that we can protect for you. We can also speak to your landlord to determine which cameras might be permitted on the property. 

We use Savant security and surveillance integrations because we appreciate the Savant systems’ lack of guesswork. It’s not only easy to use but provides endless customizations. You can view your camera system on any of the screens in your home, or through Savant’s smartphone application. While you’re working, traveling, or exploring the city, you can do a complete safety scan of your home.

Wiring Demands Expertise

In a traditional house, we have the advantage of wiring from the ceiling or a lower-level floor, like a basement, making it substantially easier to disguise hardware. When we’re crafting penthouse automation, however, we have to get much more creative. We appreciate a challenge!

Hiding wires when you’re working with a confined space requires professional installation. There’s not much room to DIY in a high-rise. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can opt for more wireless installations, such voice control apps like Alexa or wireless speakers. However, if a system requires hardwiring, like a high-quality audio system or media room, or even a stronger network connection, we’ll cleverly disguise unseemly wires. We’ll explain some possibilities during your consultation.

Mind the Building Codes

If you’re living in an apartment, you probably signed a lease that states that you agree to the property owner’s rules. If you accidentally overlooked the section about building code violations, here’s where you might need to re-read the terms!

Whether you’re starting slowly to create your smart penthouse or completely retrofitting an old high-rise, disregarding any rules during an install can backfire. It’s safe to say that anything that involves opening a wall requires the owner’s approval. Elevated Integration will establish ground rules with the owner before any renovation.

What’s Next?

Ready to start creating an NYC apartment that feels less like a temporary dwelling and more like a smart home? Elevated Integration can’t wait to craft a high-tech penthouse that works with your busy lifestyle. To learn more about what we do, call us at 212-634-9091 or visit us online.


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