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The Best in Outdoor Entertainment for Your Hamptons Home

Get Ready for Summer Fun by Installing Outdoor TVs and Speakers

While the Hamptons and Westchester County may still be in the grip of winter, we all know summer will be here before long, so now is the time to get ready for outdoor entertaining. In addition to cleaning off your backyard porch or patio and wiping down your outdoor furniture, now is the time to begin an outdoor entertainment installation for your Hamptons home. Today we’ll highlight some of the best brands in outdoor audio and video. 

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Outdoor speakers require different considerations from regular home audio systems. In addition to audio performance, you also need speakers that can handle the elements and blend in with your outdoor décor. When it comes to outdoor audio, there’s no beating Coastal Source speakers. The degree of engineering precision and beautiful designs make these speakers the ideal choice for your yard. 

The slogan of Coastal Source is “Defy The Elements,” and these speakers live up to that promise. All of Coastal Source’s products are designed and made in house, ensuring a level of quality that’s second to none. Every one of the company’s landscape lighting fixtures is made from brass, and all the vital components are 100 percent sealed from the elements. The same goes for Coastal Source’s bullet speakers. 

Coastal Source speakers are also much easier to install than their peers. Their patented Coastal Connector cabling system minimizes the chance of connection failures by creating a waterproof seal as the cables snap together. The speakers use a plug-and-play system that makes installation a breeze, which also makes it a simple process to change out speakers later on. Lastly, the Coastal Connector eliminates the need for extensive wire splicing and cutting, which lowers your installation costs. 


Like outdoor speakers, outdoor TVs also demand special consideration. In addition to being able to withstand different weather conditions, outdoor displays need to be much brighter than indoor screens to account for glare from the sun. Elevated Integration works with two of the leading outdoor TV brands: Seura and SunBrite. 

Seura’s Shade Series is, as the name suggests, feature 4K resolution and are up to 60 percent brighter than indoor TVs. This makes them perfect for fully or partially shaded areas like your patio, deck or pool cabana. The Shade Series TVs also come equipped with weatherproof soundbars. 

SunBrite has two equivalent models that serve similar purposes: The Veranda Series for fully shaded areas and the Signature Series for partially shaded areas. Like Seura, both models have 4K resolution, and the Signature Series boasts commercial-grade anti-glare technology. SunBrite says the Signature Series is up to three times brighter than most indoor TVs, ensuring you’ll be able to see the picture no matter how bright the sun is. 

Seura and SunBrite also have you covered in situations where your TV will be in full sunlight. For Seura it’s their Ultra Bright series, while SunBrite has their Pro Series. Both models are 4K compatible and boast enough brightness for any and all weather conditions. If you’re worried about durability, the Ultra Bright series is rated for temperatures from -24° to 122° F and the Pro Series can handle temperatures from -40° to 122° F. 

Elevated Integration has everything you need to turn your yard into the ultimate entertainment destination. To learn more, call us at (212) 634-9091 or fill out our online contact form

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