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3 Ways That Boardroom Automation Systems Have A Big Impact On Your Business

3 Ways That Boardroom Automation Systems Have a Big Impact on Your Business

Can you change your bottom line with a conference room update? Quite possibly.

When you’re thinking about your New York City business and how to drive profitability, you most likely consider making sweeping changes like improving sales processes, hiring leading salespeople or cutting business costs. Are you overlooking something?

Maybe the secret to driving strategic change and boosting your revenue lies just a few feet away from you — right in your conference room. What if we told you that, with boardroom automation systems, your boardroom could transform from a place where employees hold meetings to a dynamic space that impresses clients and employees?

Read on for some of our time-tested ideas for generating effective brainstorming, engaging key contacts and getting results. We’ll walk you through some reasons you’ll want to optimize your meeting spaces before the year ends.

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You Can Make a Stunning Impression

Business owners know that boardrooms hold some of your most high-stakes meetings — whether you’re meeting clients for the first time or inviting them back for a presentation. Impressions count, and clients will find your firm more forward-thinking if they notice efficient, trustworthy technology in your office. They’ll also enjoy the ease of a meeting that no one has to crawl under the table to set up the meeting, an all-too-common action that makes companies look less professional.

Let’s look at the alternative: When you walk into the conference room, and your meeting’s already set up, with the lights dim, presentation screen lowered and shades drawn, they will likely be impressed by your commercial automation. We use Savant in our New York City office spaces because it delivers some of the sleekest, most integrated control we’ve ever seen.

If a client or prospect visits and wants to adjust the HVAC, lighting, shades, A/V or any other feature that will increase productivity, Savant is user-friendly enough that they can operate your system, even if you leave the room momentarily. Top-quality commercial automation empowers everyone who uses it, and clients and prospects are much more likely to invest in your product or service after witnessing a modernized office space.

You Can Motivate Employees

Your employees have an extensive list of tasks to handle each day, and most don’t know how to set up a conference room before a meeting. Let automation do its job so they can do theirs.

How? Make meeting scheduling and preparation much easier for in-house employees, and speak to remote employees in seconds through updated video conferencing solutions. If employees can schedule and execute without waiting for tech support, their labor hours are used for productive work, not wasting time. In this way, your company saves the money you’ve invested in their salaries, too.

And, who knows? High-quality employees gravitate to workplaces that they’re proud of and might even refer some friends. Those referrals will also appreciate your smart, upgraded office when they enter your boardroom for their interview.

You Can Control Your Office More Efficiently

When you sync your boardroom automation to the rest of the office and to remote smartphone control, you can manage every office function from anywhere. Traveling for business? You can access not only the boardroom functions but also the whole-office lighting, security, motorized shades, A/V and much more, right from the palm of your hand. You can also check in on individual rooms, such as your boardroom, or call into a company meeting to make an important announcement.

Remote management helps relieve your mind of something you might have forgotten before traveling. For example, you can press a button to power down all your A/V equipment or arm your security system just in time for the evening shift’s arrival.

Ready to transform your boardroom with automation? We’ll discuss your business objectives and guide you — without pressure — during our free consultation. To learn more, call us at (212) 634-9091 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you!


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