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Smart Home Solutions that Simplify Your Back-to-School Routine.

Manage your home and family more efficiently.

Summer has come to an end in the New York tri-state area. Now it’s time to get back into the swing of routines for the whole family with the start of the new school year! We all know how stressful the typical weekday can be for the entire family, but fortunately, Elevated Integration has the perfect solution to streamline and simplify your life. We can help make the back-to-school season a breeze with a Smart Home Automation System from Savant.

More and more families are turning their houses into smart homes. The global smart home market is forecast to grow to 53.45 billion U.S. dollars in size by 2022, according to Statista. Improved security, convenience, comfort, control, accessibility and cost savings are just a few of the reasons why this technology is gaining in popularity.

Ready to improve your everyday life? With a smart home solution from Elevated Integration, we can help make your life more efficient by adding a comforting layer of security and convenience to your family’s home.

Here are a few ways a smart home can help make your life easier this school year:

Streamline your children’s morning routines.
With a smart home automation system, you can create a “Wake Up” scene that automatically adjusts the thermostat and gradually turns up the lights each morning. Program the shades to rise in your children’s bedrooms to wake them up automatically.

Monitoring What’s Happening at Home While You’re at Work.
By installing security camera systems around your home, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your children 24/7. With real-time monitoring, you can check in to see if your children have left home for school, and if they have come back home on time.

See Who’s at the Door
With an entry-door solution, easily see and communicate with anyone who approaches an entry point such as the front door, side door, garage, gate, etc., all accessible from within a single app. Installing an exterior door station is an excellent idea as it helps your children see who is at the door without opening it when you aren’t home.

Lock & Unlock Doors
With a Savant Access Control System, you have the power to remotely unlock the door when your children get back from school or if they lock themselves out of the house. As an added convenience, each member of the family can have a personalized code. Then they can gain immediate access, and you’ll receive notifications on your phone as they enter the door.

Limit TV & Game Time
Keep everyone on schedule by monitoring television and gaming consoles. Easily schedule your entertainment media to turn off at certain times of the day. Let your children know that it’s time to eat dinner, get homework done, do chores, or go to bed.

Getting the kids to bed.
If you have a hard time putting the kids to bed, our smart home automation system can help. Easily schedule the lights, TV, and entertainment systems to turn off around bedtime, which helps create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Set the Mood for Relaxation
Long gone are the days where you have to walk around your home to make sure all the lights are off, or the doors are locked before you head to bed. With a Savant Smart Home Automation System, you can simply hit the “Goodnight” button to secure your home, set your thermostat, turn off the lights and check in on your children from the comfort of your own bed.

Smart Home automation can give you the peace of mind you are looking for. For more information, call (212) 634-9091 or contact us today to get started on making your home a smart home.

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