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Is Your Home Healthy?

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Purify for a fresh start in 2021 with pure air and water from Pure 365. 

If there is one valuable lesson to learn from this past year, it is that our overall health, including the air we breathe, can make the difference between experiencing wellness and vitality or potential illness. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are aware, now more than ever, how their environment can impact their health and well-being and are seeking solutions to stay healthy. This is why we are dedicating ourselves to providing the most …

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Is Your Home Network Underperforming?

Networks and Wifi
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It may be time for a Home Network Upgrade.

Are you experiencing glitches when you use your laptop or buffering in the middle of watching a movie on Netflix? If so, it sounds like your home network could be in trouble. With low bandwidth and weak WIFI connections throughout your property, your network may not be able to handle the amount of bandwidth your smart systems and technologies need. Sometimes it’s not difficult to fix a problem. Restarting an app, reloading a web page, or the occasional rebooting of your …

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What are the hottest trends in Home Technology?

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Bring Your Clients the Style and Technology They Desire

Builders, remodelers, designers and technology integrators all gathered at the CEDIA Expo last month to scout out the latest trends in home technology. During our travels, we discovered a huge emphasis on Human Centric Lighting, Wellness, Automation and Voice Control.Now that smart home technology is finding its way into more and more living spaces, everyone involved in the home design process is finding it necessary to gain a better understanding of today’s technology and the benefits it brings to their …

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Smart Home Solutions that Simplify Your Back-to-School Routine.

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Manage your home and family more efficiently.

Summer has come to an end in the New York tri-state area. Now it’s time to get back into the swing of routines for the whole family with the start of the new school year! We all know how stressful the typical weekday can be for the entire family, but fortunately, Elevated Integration has the perfect solution to streamline and simplify your life. We can help make the back-to-school season a breeze with a Smart Home Automation System from Savant.

More and …

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3 Ways That Boardroom Automation Systems Have a Big Impact on Your Business

3 Ways That Boardroom Automation Systems Have A Big Impact On Your Business
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Can you change your bottom line with a conference room update? Quite possibly.

When you’re thinking about your New York City business and how to drive profitability, you most likely consider making sweeping changes like improving sales processes, hiring leading salespeople or cutting business costs. Are you overlooking something?

Maybe the secret to driving strategic change and boosting your revenue lies just a few feet away from you — right in your conference room. What if we told you that, with boardroom automation systems, your boardroom could transform from a place …

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